Emergent Media MFA Exhibit

Publication Design

10x105 was a publication created as a companion to an exhibit put on by Creative Media MFA students. 10x105 was a project about daily creativity where each student spent ten minutes a day creating something and archiving it for 105 days. There were five students, with five very distinct styles and assets. Most of the documentation of the students work were either low resolution pictures or awkwardly scanned pieces of paper. One of the most difficult undertakings in this publication was creating a system that could adequately showcase the various styles of the five students equally. My approach to designing this publication was inspired mainly by a series of books that are used as companions to fine art exhibits. The final concept of my publication was centered around working to make these pieces of art that took less than ten minutes to make fit into the orientation of that of fine art books.

Provided minimal text in the form of artist statements and bios, the rhythm of the book is heavily based on the relationship between the captions and the different works of art. The visual platform I created for this book was red and played of shade and lighting to illuminate the pieces of the artist’s statement which I thought most adequately and concisely spoke to their respectively. The pictures of this publication really don’t do it justice, and being able to interact with it and see the text change based on the light is the best way to experience it. This publication is above all engaging, and a great vessel for creative some form of emotional investment for the audience of the exhibit.