Song Visualization

Intermediate Typography

Systems Thinking

This was the first project in my intermediate typography class, the my first semester of senior year. The assignment was to create five words that encapsulate the tone of the song of our choice, and create typographic and visual systems with them. It was a typographic exercise which could be completed without using any text. It could be completed by replicating the tempo and rhythm of the song, which became much more vital aspects of my final designs than the integration of my text. The project was to isolate two sections out of the song that you plan to create on exaggerated horizontal orientations.This project stands out against a lot of my other work because it is so bright, vibrant, and illustrative.

I found this exercise to be incredibly valuable to my creative process. It altered my approach to projects because it made me put much more thought behind the visual systems I used and ensuring there was a reason for everything, and not purely making decision’s on what might look the best. The text obviously serves as the lyrics of the song, the circular forms are the beats of the drum kit, while the jagged white lines serve as the piano riff. My favorite system and most prominent visually has to be the recorder loop in the second iteration. At the end of this assignment I was pleasantly surprised by how well I felt I had captured the energy and tone of my song, and how visually appealing I was able to make the several different systems, that all integrated beautifully together, not unlike the different instruments in a song.