The Real Cuban Missile Crisis

Publication Design

I created this publication during the second half of my senior year. The assignment was to create a visual response to a TEDtalk of our own personal choice. I chose to pick a talk about the Kennedy administration during the Cuban Missile Crisis. The talk was uniquely geared towards the soviet perspective of the crisis and how by the end of the week every country respectively felt as if they alone were the forces that avoided utter catastrophe. I used an article from the Atlantic that explains another perspective of the crisis, and how despite various claims of exemplary leadership, JFK and his administration deserve the lion’s share of the blame for bringing the world the closest it’s ever been to nuclear war.

I wanted my book to play off the misconception and contain a certain censored nature to it. I also wanted to work with the type and orientation of each spread to play off the contemporary styles that existed during the Cold War. One of my favorite revisions to this publication was using pictures of the missile installments taken by the U-2 Spy plane that was shot down over Cuba, and the pilot captured. The Cuban Revolution and Missile Crisis are two periods of history I find incredibly interesting because there are so many contradicting perspectives of what actually transpired, and who is truly to blame. These are themes I attempted to carry through the various spreads of this publication.