Golf Process Poster

Intermediate Typography:

Breaking the Grid Process Poster

This was a poster I made for my Intermediate Typography class. The assignment was centered around the modular grid, specifically different methods for breaking it. We were allowed to choose any process we wanted, and naturally I chose the infuriating process of an ordinary golf swing, and breaking down just how utterly impossible it can seem to replicate so many different actions simultaneously. So I made a basic five column modular grid and proceeded to gradually disrupt it and integrate it into my illustration of the time lapse of a golf swing. I had a lot of trouble with this assignment, and I by no means think it is my most successful, but I think it can say a lot about my relationship with type and my ability to create hierarchies under any circumstance. Originally I intended this poster to be entirely black and white, but was forced to adapt it into a color scheme that was more centered around colors associated with the sport.