Signal Kitchen

Graphic Design Internship

When I moved into my new apartment, my landlord told me the reason she rented to me and my roommate was because there was no chance of a business professional renting the space. When we asked her why she told us it was because we now live above one of Burlingtons concert venues. At first we weren’t thrilled at the news, but after meeting Dave and Alex we quickly found the advantages to living above such a hotspot in Burlington’s music scene. Also it seems like we often are making much more noise than them some nights.

Alex offered me a graphic design internship in September of 2016 and I have been making their print materials ever since. I have completely formalized their template process for music events and have worked extensively with them on presentation materials for some of their marketing projects. Working at Signal Kitchen has taught me valuable lessons about responsibility and coordination with the other moving pieces of a project. The importance of deadlines is something that my time at Signal Kitchen has made me believe is of intangible value.