Somos Cubanos

A Study of Cuban Identity

SOMOS CUBANOS intent is to shape the preconceived perception American audiences have of Cuba, and separate them from the idea of individual Cuban identities. The goal of exposing Cuban identities to an American audience is to break cultural barriers and reveal the commonalities between two cultures. This base of knowledge and personal connection will ideally lead the audience to question the United States’ role in Cuba’s future, as well as drawing comparisons between the forces that divide our countries, both in foreign policy and internally.

Understanding Cuban identities is an important step in recognizing the intricacies of Cuban culture, as well as some of the commonalities that exist between us. Focusing on the cultural identities of ordinary Cubans who expressed feeling underrepresented in contemporary Cuban society, SOMOS CUBANOS is intended to transcend the political and historical context in which Cubans are most often discussed, and reveal the authentic personalities of a variety of ordinary Cubans, presented in a context that is distinctly effective when presented to an American audience. Understanding the varied perspectives of many different Cubans over three years has led me to the revelation that most people who wanted to talked to me about America were incredibly knowledgable of a broad range of different facets of American life weather it be T-Pain or the New York Yankees. Ideally SOMOS CUBANOS would motivate an American audience to feel a similar passion and affinity for the people of Cuba while forming an emotional investment in Cuba’s future, and America’s role in the prospective reforms.