Time Poster

Interpretation of a Yogi Berra Quote

Assigned to create a poster created around a quote we defined as our own personal mantra. Instantly I knew going into this assignment that I wanted to work with a quote from the New York Yankee legend Yogi Berra. His nonsensical and humorous sayings, deemed “yogisims” became a cornerstone of the charismatic catcher and later manager’s personality. I chose the quote “we are all lost, but we are making great time,” because I found it to be one of Yogi’s most profound sayings, and felt some connection with it. As a result of choosing to work and not keeping school a priority while I was in college, I fell substantially behind my high school peers. I found solace in the fact that everyone approaches their academic path differently, and not finishing in four quick years doesn't make my educational process any less valuable.

I created this piece by purchasing more than a dozen broken watches. I proceeded to smash them all, and extract as many of the intricate pieces as I could. by the end I had a ziplock sandwich bag overflowing with watch pieces. I arranged the letters and photographed them separately and then combined them in a master document. If you look closely you can find multiple pieces that are repeated in every letter. The process of arranging the letters was very long and frustrating, requiring incredible dexterity I didn’t master until the end of my process.

Ultimately I made this poster at a time where I felt very lost educationally and wasn’t confident I could be successful in the graphic design program at Champlain. This was the first project at Champlain that I took any real pride in and it inspired me to pursue my unorthodox approach towards design. I made this early on in my time at Champlain, but have kept it in my portfolio because I believe it was integral to my educational and artistic process which was fostered by incredible professors at Champlain College as well as the late Burlington College.